Two weekends ago, when the streets of Berkeley became the scene of a surreal battle between far-right Trump supporters and far-left antifascist activists, the fracas was recorded so extensively by journalists and regular citizens with phones that images of the worst of the violence were already going viral by the time order had returned. But one of the people documenting the event took longer: John Paul Marcelo, an artist who paints the sorts of events normally covered by journalists. READ MORE

by Rick Paul

Warming oceans and a warming planet are threatening a weather phenomenon that’s central to San Francisco’s identity and the Bay Area’s mild climate — but the fog could also be an untapped solution to the historic droughts facing California. — READ MORE

By Jonathan Bloom, NBC News Bay Area

“A half block away, John Paul Marcelo had set up his easel between parked cars. A day earlier he’d painted Trump Tower (altering the marquee to ‘Grump Tower’), and today he was capturing the scene on Centre Street from a distance. “I paint every day,” said Marcello, who is based in the Bay Area. “But I’m definitely painting this because it’s history.” — Read More

by Sanya Mansoor and Karl Vick; Photo by Mikiodo

John Paul Marcelo looked up at a sniper rifle trained on his canvas. It was around 1999, in Chicago’s Near North Side, and Marcelo was standing in front of a brick apartment building, one of the many in Cabrini-Green, a public housing project made infamous as a poster child for government neglect, poverty and rampant gang violence. — READ MORE

by Erin Baldassari, East Bay Times

I just wanted to come to New Orleans for a few days to help as a volunteer. That was six weeks ago. I still don’t want to go back to San Francisco to continue painting beachland idylls as before – not after everything I’ve seen here. In the poor neighborhoods, such as the Lower Ninth Ward, bodies are still recovered half a year after the hurricane ‘Katrina’, a school bus collided with a barge is nothing special here. Every day I look for one or two motifs, I want to demonstrate the failure of our government with my pictures. I can’t sell anything here, no one has money for a work of art and certainly not for a picture that reminds of everyday horror. — SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Plein air artist John Paul Marcelo paints a scene of the Occupy Oakland rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, Calif. on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011. The city of Oakland has issued an eviction notice to campers in the tent city citing deteriorating conditions and health concerns. …Read More

by Matthai Kuruvila, Chronicle Staff Writer; photo: Paul Chinn/The Chronicle