God Bless America

10×8 in
oil on wood

Part of a series of paintings on homelessness in America. There is such a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances that lead these people here. Many I’ve met were retirees, became disabled, come from other places without resources to help, and/or are veterans.
Oakland, CA.

Two weekends ago, when the streets of Berkeley became the scene of a surreal battle between far-right Trump supporters and far-left antifascist activists, the fracas was recorded so extensively by journalists and regular citizens with phones that images of the worst of the violence were already going viral by the time order had returned. But one of the people documenting the event took longer: John Paul Marcelo, an artist who paints the sorts of events normally covered by journalists. READ MORE

by Rick Paul

Winter at South Michigan Ave.

oil on canvas

Sometime around 2000 while attending Columbia College I was in an art class studying landscape painting (from photos) I randomly had a portable easel with me that day and informed the teacher I would go outside to paint but I’ll be back before class ends. Hence my very first plein air painting! At the end of the semester it was stolen. I was sad but somewhat flattered. It inspired me to pursue this style of creativity. And also to return years later to repaint it.